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Thread: Reinventing mad mike's rx-7

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    Reinventing mad mike's rx-7

    meschien nie iedereen zijn gedacht ma kvind ruig,ook als ge ziet wa pk's dat em maakt

    Close your eyes and imagine for a moment that you are in the driver's seat. Can you hear the hurried talk of your crew chief as he tightens your straps over the rumble of your idling RX-7? Can you the smell the combination of fuel and oil lingering in air? Or feel the vibrations from the pulsing 26B 4-rotor engine as it throws your internal organs around like a child's toys? A crowd is rapidly gathering around you. You shoot the thumbs up, select a gear and gingerly feather the throttle to get the beast beneath moving...

    That's just an average day at the office for Team Need for Speed driver Mad Mike Whiddett, the pilot of and man responsible for this amazing machine.

    We made sure to shoot the MADBUL before it hit the track at WTAC, so that we'd be able to do a full feature on the re-incarnation of this old work horse.

    This is actually the fifth iteration of Mad Mike's RX-7, and it now sports numerous upgrades over its previous guise. Let's take a closer look shall we?

    Up front Work Equip 18x10 inch wheels are wrapped in 245/35/18 rubber while Zinolli rotors with EBC pads provide all the stopping force.

    And a pair of 18x12 inch Work Equips wrapped in 265/35/18s take care of the rear. There's been some debate over whether the RX-7 will look better with the polished Works or in battle-spec grey/black. Which do you prefer?

    A 6-point roll cage surrounds and protects Mike in battle while a pair of Carbon Kevlar Racetech seats and harnesses make sure him and his passenger are firmly connected to the car.

    A Sparco steering wheel sits in front of a beautifully presented custom made alloy race dash...

    ...Which houses a set of HKS gauges and Splitfire tach. A Tein EDFC allows Mad Mike to make dampening adjustments in-car.

    The shifter connects Mike to his HKS 5-speed sequential gear box giving him rapid gear selection in the blink of an eye. Next to it is a D2 hydraulic hand brake setup to allow him to lock the rear wheels.

    Moving to the heart of this animal we have the Mazda '26B' 4-rotor. Built by New Zealander Alec Bell of Kiwi-RE this beast now produces a deafening and stomach turning 674hp at the wheels!

    Numerous AN fittings adorn the engine bay which also sports bigger exhaust ports, a modified oil pick-up and an alloy sump.

    The most noticeable difference however is the addition of these two gigantic K&N air filters seen protruding through the bonnet. Attached to the filters are a new intake manifold which feeds air into the hungry 4-rotor.

    The rear hatch has also had its glass replaced with Lexan polycarbonate to reduce weight. Another subtle addition is the Origin roof wing that, if you ask me, I think looks stunning!

    This re-engineered Mazda RX-7 has also had some serious rear end modifications since its last competitive outing.

    In it's previous version Mad Mike finished in the top 8 at the Formula D Red Bull World Drift Champs, and also took the top spot at the FD Asia Pacific Drift Champs. For this rebuild, he has planned to take the RX-7 up a notch. Inspired by Dai Yoshihara’s Formula D S13 Silvia, Mad Mike completely rebuilt the rear end with a custom tube frame setup. In the trunk you'll find the 60l fuel cell and Bosch fuel pumps.

    Like most competition drift cars an adjustable rear wing provides the ability to alter downforce.

    You may have also noticed the Stadium Truck window nets which allows Mike to compete with his windows down and really adds to the badass look of the car.

    The custom graphics from Mad Mike's shop CRE8GRAFX also included a number of cool little details - Like this one which reminds him of home.

    A cool little fact about Mike: he is the only Red Bull Athlete that designs his own graphics. Mike would also like to say a huge thanks to his crew Cromey and Dames who have done an amazing job and continue to do such awesome work with the car.

    I would really love to see this in the next season of Formula Drift. The sound, the looks and the flames would blow minds!

    26b quad rotor
    Kiwi-RE Peripheral Ports
    Llightened balanced hi comp RX8 rotors
    Hi-rev mod
    Custom end & centre plates
    Hand built chromoly eccentric shaft
    3 window bearings
    hand fabricated intake runners
    Injection Perfection 55mm throttle bodies
    Primary & secondary staged injectors
    MOTEC fuel rails
    WALBRO lift pump
    60litre Jazz fuel cell
    2 x BOSCH 044 EFI pump
    Malpassi regulator
    BOSCH 616 coils
    Custom MSD leads
    NGK plugs
    custom alloy sump
    hand fabricated tuned length headers
    3.5” stainless exhaust to custom ‘Humpy’ pipe
    Alloy radiator
    Redline Performance oil coolers
    stainless heat shroud
    Stewart electric water pump, MICROTECH LT-16
    Gilmor drives

    HKS sequential 5speed
    HKS PRO2 twin plate clutch
    HKS flywheel
    MAZDASPEED 4:7 crown wheel on Custom full spool lock diff

    TEIN Super Drift equipped with EDFC
    Autolign Custom steering arms and offset bushes
    URAS tie-rods and spacers
    Total Car Produce Magic Custom knuckles
    Megan Racing rod ends and spacers with super*now rose joints
    Tube frame front and rear from strut towers
    Cut rear quarters for wheel clearance
    D2 Air Jack setup
    Megan Racing trailing arms and toe arms

    Zinolli rotors with EBC pads
    Complete ABS removal
    B&M launch control kit
    D2 hydraulic handbrake

    WORK Equips 18-10 front
    WORK Equips 18-11.5 rear
    WORK S1 Meister 18-11 front
    WORK S1 Meister 18-12 rear
    Custom painted at Arrow Wheels & CRE8GRAFX LTD

    245/35/18s front, 265/35/18s rear

    BN-Sports BLISTER wide body
    Custom CRE8GRAFX livery
    V-LED highway Patrol light kit
    Seibon carbon doors - hatch - hood
    Hatch glass replaced with polycarb lexan
    Origin roof wing
    Streetpro kits SARD Wing
    Trunk lid modified with vents for rubber smoke escape


    Carbon Kevlar Racetech seats,
    Redline Performance Steering wheel quick release hub / boss
    SPARCO steering wheel
    HKS gauges, TEIN EDFC
    6 point roll cage, Racetech harnesses
    Custom alloy dash, Stadium truck window nets
    Partition cockpit to fuel system made from polycarb and sealed

    POWER: 674hp

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    Fermen bak aja. Circuit racer pur sang.
    Maar ni voor op den openbare weg hé...

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    Echt dik, diejen engine bay is zot!
    En die blikskes redbull waar de olie inzit, goe gevonden

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    amai, das performance van de bovenste plank zelle
    JDM all the way!

    Kroig nen attack, van iene mè een klak en e voifletterplak

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    En dan moet ge da spel nekeer hore,juist ne moto!

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    Amaai ja, nog oude set-up pcies. Zotjes. Agressieve shit zelle.

    fun is not a straight line

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    Quote Originally Posted by adri View Post
    Amaai ja, nog oude set-up pcies. Zotjes. Agressieve shit zelle.

    the sound of NA quad rotor

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